“Mocanita”, the forestry railway

… on the Vaser Valley, in Maramures, Romania you can find one of the last forestry railways still used from Europe. Usually the trains are used to transport wood from the mountains until one plant from Viseu de Sus. This activity is done from 1932.

From 2005, some steam trains for tourists were put in place => you can enjoy a walk along Vaser Valley. Those trains are running from spring until autumn on a daily basis. The departure hour from Viseu de Sus railway station is at 09:00 a.m. Be in time, if not you will have to wait one day, because only one train leaves per day. For more details about the timetable and CFF, please visit: http://www.cffviseu.com/en/index.html.

… a trip to remember :)! Enjoy it!

@ Vaser Valley, Maramures

@ Vaser Valley, Maramures

@ Vaser Valley, Maramures

… to be continued …


One thought on ““Mocanita”, the forestry railway

  1. What is impressive is what the Swiss company that manages the rail at the end of your travel. It’s like a piece of Heaven for few hundred tourists. And the trains runs almost full.
    I recommend this for a day. Take something to keep you hot. It’s cold in the open waggons.

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